Weekly TCARC Net and ARES Check-in

Event Description

Our weekly Net is held on Thursday evenings (except the 2nd Thursday of each month) at 1930 hrs (7:30 Pacific time). It’s held on our repeater on Bully Choop Mountain on output frequency 146.925 -600 PL 85.4.

Immediately following the 146.925 net, there will be a “Check-in Net” on our Hayfork Bally repeater output frequency 146.730 -600 PL 85.4. This check-in net is mostly to allow check-ins for Hams that are unable to reach the Bully Choop repeater and also for an equipment check. Both nets are open to all members and visitors are always welcome to join us.


Bully Choop Mountain Repeater on output frequency 146.925 -600 PL 85.4

Hayfork Bally Repeater on output frequency 146.730 -600 PL 85.4