Neighborhood Radio Safety Network

Neighborhood Radio Safety Network (NRSN). Is a "Last Mile" communications program that utilizes GMRS radios to allow neighborhood residents to stay in contact with each other and have a reliable means of communicating during emergencies and disasters when all other communications are down or over loaded. Please see the three flyers below that explain how to get licensed (no test), how to use your radio and how to establish neighborhood safety nets. For Hams, this is nice program to get their friends and neighbors interested in for their safety.

How to Use Your Radio (PDF)

Radio Safety Nets Brochure (PDF)

How to Get a GMRS License (PDF)

Neighborhood Radio Safety Network Fliers - Hmong Versions

Yuav si koj lub xov tooj cua li cas (PDF)

Xo tooj cua Safety Nets (PDF)

Yuav ua li cas thiaj tau txais daim ntawv tooj cua (PDF)